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Brigadoon Scottish Terriers is a small family environment kennel that has dedicated our self to the breed.  We are located in the rolling hills of northeast Georgia. Where we live on our family's 130 - year old farm. Where Scotties have lived since my grandmother. I have had Scotties in my life all of my life. Our Scotties are at home here as those, they were in their home land of the Highlands of Scotland.  Our Scotties are apart of the family and they all get a lot of TLC. They love it here and I couldn't imagine life without them. We cant let them run around like their ancestors did. When they do go out side they have to be protected in a fenced in yard or when out walking them on a lead. Scotties don't see cars and the don't care one thing about them.. When they are after a squirrels, cat or anything they are chasing. When my Scotties are out playing in their fenced in yard, they have plenty of shade trees and water. Having a fenced in yard doesn't keep them from having fun. They love it when they get to go out to play. They like rolling around their basket ball, taking the tennis ball away from each other or a good play of tug of war. They also love my attention when they are in the house. My Scotties, take turns getting in my lap or they are happy laying by my chair. My Scotties are very loving, but they have a lot of my time to be this way.
After having Scotties in my life when I was a child. I wanted my own Scottie and when I married my husband in 1970. He give me, for a wedding gift 2 Scotties. Ike & Mamie and they looked just like the ones my grandmother had. I had 2 litter from them. I had Ike and Mamie until they died of old age. I didn't want another Scottie for along time. Not because I didn't love Scotties, but it just hurt to much when I lost Ike and Mamie. I was raising my daughter and working too! So when we moved here to the country. I started looking for a Scottie again. I found some great pet
 Scotties and I loved them.  But, I didn't see in them the Scotties of my past.

I went to England in 1993 and there I met, Peggy Leonard and her 3 boy Scotties I saw in her dogs, the Scotties from my past. So that is when I started looking and doing my homework. I started going to dog shows and talking to breeders. I talked to vet's and I went on line, but no luck.
Peggy told me of some people, over in England. But, they didn't have any puppy's or they didn't want to send one over here to someone they didn't know. I wasn't going to give up my dream. I kept on emailing and checking out web sites. Then I got a email from Colin Morgan. He told me his daughter Sarah, Scottie was going to be bred in the summer. That he would make sure I would get a show boy out of the litter. So Colin and I started our friendship that year, 2003. Colin, kept me up to date on everything. It was like adopting a baby and waiting 9 months on it. Then on July 27, 2003 my boy was born, Ch Mylah Koily Macdewey aka Piper. Piper, was out of a litter of 9 and all 9 lived. I went over to England in Oct. to get my boy. Piper, is just what I was looking for in a Scottie!  I want to Thank Colin for everything he has done for me.

The Real Brig o' Doon

The name of Lerner's imaginary locale was probably based on a well~known Scottish landmark.  The real Brig o' Doon (Bridge of Doon), can be seen in Alloway, Scotland, in the heart of Robbie Burns country.

According to the tale made famous by Burns this ancient, single span, constructed of stone in the 13th century, is the very bridge over which the legendary Tam o' Shanter fled on his horse Meg in order to escape from the three witches who were chasing him.

Brigadoon is a Scottish village in a Highland mist, from the movie. You, can only see Brigadoon ever 100 years. I feel Scotties are a lot like Brigadoon, you only see an enchanted breed like the Scottie ever 100 years.


  I am a dog breeder. I spend a lifetime learning pedigrees, going over dogs, talking, and learning from those in my breed and those outside it. I raise each litter as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them lov...ing forever homes. I only put puppies on this planet that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and nicest examples of their breed.

I suppor...t each family who chose one of my puppies and let them know they are now a part of our extended family. I am there if one needs to come back and will aggressively pursue the return of one of my dogs if it's in the wrong place. I support my breed in rescue and education. I hold them when they arrive and leave this world.

I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be an advertisement of my dedication. I don't keep track of the money and time I put in to my love of dogs, it would not be a true measure of how I feel. The price I charge for my puppies is never profit, but investment in the next generation.

I am not ashamed of who I am... I work hard at being a good dog person and encouraging others to be the same. I am a breeder and I am proud of it. If we don't support each other - we are doomed as a fancy. Copy and post if you agree.
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